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Beauty Tips: Use leftover rice from the night to make a face pack like this to enhance the beauty of your face

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Beauty Tips: Often food becomes more, which people either reuse or throw away the next day. But if rice is left in the night now, do not throw it because you can include it in your skin routine. The skin of Korean women is always glowing, and everyone wants such skin. In such a situation, women use different beauty products, but they still do not get the glow. Let’s know about beauty tips that are easily available and budget-friendly.

Use rice to get a glow like Korean women. These women use rice water to enhance their skin. You can also use leftover rice from the night for glowing skin. Know how to make a stale rice face pack.

Make like this
Grind the leftover rice in a mixer and make a paste. Then take it out in a bowl and then add honey to it. Mix well and add little milk. Apply it on the face and leave it to dry. When it dries well, wash it by scrubbing it with your hands.

Dry skin
If you have dry skin, then you can mix cinnamon powder and glycerin in rice paste. This will moisturize the skin. With the use of glycerin, the skin becomes soft, and the blemishes of the skin are also removed. It also helps in bringing shine to the face.

Oily skin
Items like honey, curd, rose water can be added to this pack for those with oily skin. This will help in removing the extra oil from the skin. Rosewater hydrates the skin and helps in glowing the face. On the other hand, yogurt contains lactic acid, which can be good for the skin.