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Beauty Tips: Special tips for the beauty of lips in winter

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Beauty Tips: Beautiful lips get everyone’s attention. Soft, delicate, pink lips need special care in the cold. Let’s read some beauty tips.

Mix olive oil and Vaseline and apply it on chapped lips three or four times a day. With regular treatment for three to four days, the cracks in your lips will start to heal or get filled.

If there are cracks, take a little honey and rub it gently on the lips with a finger. With just a few days of effort, your lips will be as shiny and soft as ever.

Take two tablespoons of cocoa butter, half a teaspoon of honey wax. Then, melt the wax in a pot over boiling water. Add cocoa butter to it. Now let this mixture cool down. Apply it on the lips with the help of a lip brush. This will keep the beauty of the lips.