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Beauty care tips: Never remove nose hair in the era of fashion, know why?

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Beauty care tips: In the era of fashion, they also do risky things to look beautiful. Although it looks good, it can prove to be fatal in terms of health. Girls are also ready to take risks many times to look beautiful. Waxing and threading are made for hair removal. But nose hair removal is also tried. To do so is like playing with health. Removing nose hair is tantamount to inviting diseases.

Beauty care tips: How removing nose hair can harm health?

Nose hair is essential for health

As the age increases, the hair of one’s nose also starts growing, and they start coming out of the nose. But we are beginning to uproot it. Actually, nose hair is part of a defense system. When you breathe, you get oxygen, but the dirt does not go into the body. Due to the hair of the nose, bacteria, dust, and dirt are saved from getting inside. This protects you from respiratory diseases.

According to a 2011 study, people who had less hair in their noses or outgrown them were more likely to develop asthma. According to the survey, nasal hairs filter oxygen to your lungs.

If you break your nose hairs, the hair follicles open up. Due to this, dirt and dust enter your body quickly, and breathing problems also start.

Beauty care tips: What to do if nose hair grows?

You can also consult a doctor in this regard and if you want, cut only a few hairs with scissors.