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Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration: know how to do it

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South Korea’s company Krafton has announced the date of Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration after PUBG Mobile was a ban. Pre-registration for the game will go live on the Google Play Store on 18 May. The release date of the game has not been announced yet.

After the ban of the PUBG Mobile Game in India, the gaming fans were eagerly awaiting when an Indian game will arrive which is like Pubg Mobile and keep our data saved in India.

Now the wait is over as India’s own game Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming. Pre-registration for the game will be live on the Google Play Store on 18 May. If you pre-register first, you will also get rewards which the company said in a press statement. These rewards will be for Indian players only.

How to do Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration?

To pre-register you have to go to Google Play Store on May 18, 2021, and search Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India App will come in front of you, below you will see a button. You can “pre-register” with your mobile number and email id by clicking on the “Pre-register” button.

The game may release in the second week of June. You have to give this mobile number from which you have “pre-registered” to claim your reward. You can also play this game for free like Pubg Mobile.

Launch Date
There is no news about Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch Date yet, but according to an estimate, this game may come within 10 to 15 June.

Data security will be taken care of
The big news has come from the company of Krafton that we will take special care of data security, the data of users will be saved in India itself. Also, this time law regulation will also be taken care of. The company will also launch other game apps after this game, which are not available in India at this time.

What to do for an under 18-year-old to play
According to game developers Krafton, users under the age of 18 will need the permission of the parents and they will also have to provide the mobile number of the parents so that they will know whether they are eligible to play the game or not.