Battlefield Mobile beta

Battlefield Mobile beta coming soon!

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Battlefield fans may not wait until 2022 to play the game on their smartphones and tablets, and the game announced in April is still in development. Development and beta testing are ongoing. As the company prepares to launch. However, while the game itself is due out next year, that doesn’t mean all players will have to wait until then to try out the mobile version of Battlefield Mobile. In fact, EA itself recently announced that the Battlefield Mobile Android beta has been tested and will be released to more players worldwide, according to a new report.

According to an FAQ recently posted by EA on its website, the company has begun beta testing Battlefield Mobile for Android in the Philippines and Indonesia. However, players in other regions are probably wondering when they will download and try it. The beta version of Battlefield Mobile for Android will also launch in different areas soon, the company said. Once the Battlefield Mobile Android beta is available for testing in your area, simply go to the Google Play store and download the beta, which should appear as Early Access in the Google Play store. However, there is no information on the minimum system requirements for Android phones to play the next beta of Battlefield Mobile for Android. The game also does not allow for interaction or continuity with the game’s PC version, and the beta will only apply to Android users.

The Battlefield Mobile Android beta will include Fortnitelike cosmetics as an in-app purchase. At the same time, players will also be able to purchase Battle Cards and other content that will not affect the free nature of the game. However, it is unknown if (and when) an iOS beta will be available to players, such as the current Battlefield Mobile beta for Android.