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Barack Obama said, ‘I make good pulses, but making bread is very difficult’.

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America’s former President Barack Obama’s world is convincing. Everyone considers their sharp mind, presence of mind and even funny fantasy iron. And when things come to tickle people, then this work can not do better than them. The same thing has proved once again. Indeed, Barack Obama, who came to India to participate in a program, said that he comes to make pulses but it is very difficult to make bread.

During the 15th Leadership Summit, Barack Obama told how he learned to make pulses. While talking to host Karan Thapar, he told about Indian food and his cooking skills. They also said that they can make good pulses. According to him, “I went to dinner last night and he was explaining about pulses.” Then he told about his relationship with Indian food dal that he learned the technique of how to make it. He said, ‘My roommate in college was from India and Pakistan. His mother taught me to make pulses. And I make good pulses. I think that I am the first President of America to come and make pulses. ”

When asked about Obama’s making bread, he said, ‘Chapati is very difficult to make.’ As soon as they said this, people present there started to taunt.

Let me tell you that this is Barack Obama’s first visit to India after retiring from the White House. Talking about the relationship between the United States and India, Obama said, “I believe that India and America can become a strong partner in the 21st century, especially at a time when democracy is being questioned. There is a lot between us. America and India’s alliance is a partnership between the world’s oldest and largest democracy. I believe that the two oldest democratic countries will work for development so that everyone can be benefited.