Bank Holidays December 2020

Bank Holidays December 2020


Bank Holidays: Check the list before going to the bank, what date will be closed in December.

December is the last month of the year. There are many holidays in banks this month too, out of which 3 are on Sunday. In the month of December also comes the Christmas festival, whose holiday is kept in banks across the country. In the month of December of 2020, banks have a 15-day holiday for different reasons, but everywhere banks will not remain closed for 15 days. Due to some holidays being local, the bank will be closed on that day at a particular place.

Let us know on which date in the country where banks are going to be closed so that you can deal with your bank before seeing the list of work holidays and do not have to face trouble. This is December 2020 bank holiday list

December 1 – Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation general election (Hyderabad)
December 3 – Kanakadas Jayanti / Fest of St. Francis Xavier (Bengaluru, Panaji)
6 December – Sunday (everywhere)
12 December – Second Saturday of the month (everywhere)
13 December – Sunday (everywhere)
December 17 – Losung / Namsoong festival (Gangtok)
December 18 – You So So Tham’s Death Anniversary / Loosung / Namsoong (Gangtok, Shillong)
19 December – Goa Liberation Day (Panaji)
20 December – Sunday (everywhere)
24 December – Christmas Festival (Aizwal, Shillong)
25 December – Christmas (everywhere)
26 December – Fourth Saturday of the month (everywhere)
27 December – Sunday (everywhere)
30 December – Yu Qiang Nangbah (Shillong)
31 December – Year’s Eve (Aizwal)