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Bangladeshi woman swims from Bangladesh to India to marry her Facebook boyfriend

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Even international borders could not separate a Bangladeshi woman from her sweetheart in West Bengal, India. The 22-year-old woman, Krishna Mandal, swam for nearly an hour over a river and through the Sunderbans to enter India and see her beau.

Worthy of a short film, the love tale started on Facebook, where Krishna Mandal (a Bangladeshi woman) and Abhik Mandal first met. The couple quickly hit it off and fell in love. They did, however, belong to distinct countries, separated by a border.

Krishna apparently did not have a valid passport to enter India lawfully. But, desperate to meet her sweetheart, she resolved to embark on a perilous voyage and enter the neighbouring nation illegally.

The Sunderbans forest, home to the fearsome Royal Bengal Tigers and other wild creatures, was the first obstacle in Krishna’s voyage. Krishna swam for more than an hour in the Malta River after wading through the forest, according to police sources, and made it to the other side.

Krishna and Abhik were reunited when they met in the Kaikhali hamlet in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district. The couple then travelled to Kolkata and married at the Kalighat Temple.

The news quickly spread on the internet and drew the attention of the police. Krishna had to face legal consequences for illegally entering India. On Monday, she was apprehended for illegally crossing the India-Bangladesh border. Krishna may now be turned over to the Bangladesh High Commission, according to sources.

If you think this is too bold, consider that in April of this year, a Bangladeshi youngster entered India illegally to purchase chocolate. Emran Hossain, the teen, used to swim over the Shalda River and sneak through a breach in the barbed wire to get his favourite chocolate. However, on April 13, he was apprehended and detained by the BSF (Border Security Force).