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After the ban on Pakistan, US sanctions ban on 6 terrorists.

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Washington, The Trump administration on Thursday banned four Taliban and two Haqqani network leaders for terror activities. At the same time, Washington has said that Pakistan should work with the United States to stop the safe haven of terrorists and their funding.

Four Taliban leaders include Abdul Samad Sani, Abdul Qadir Basir, Abdul Basir, Hafiz Mohammed Popaljei and Maulvi Inayatullah. The Haqqani network leaders who have been banned include Fakir Mohammed and Gul Khan Hamdidi. All these 6 people have been declared a global terrorist by the US Department of Treasury.

Now all the terrorists present in America will have the right to take possession of the property on the property and at the same time, any US citizen will be banned from dealing with these 6 terrorists. This step is being seen as an action by Trump after the announcement of the new strategy of South Asia last year.

Sigal Mandelker, Under Secret Secretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said, “We are restricting the Haqqani and 6 Taliban terrorists who have been involved in providing funding to attacks on coalition forces, human trafficking or terrorist groups.”