Ayurveda remedies that will aid in treating diabetes

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Ayurveda remedies: In today’s lifestyle, ailments like diabetes and blood pressure have grown frequent. In earlier times, these ailments used to happen exclusively around the age of forty-fifty. But presently youth are also falling prey to it. According to the World Health Organization, in today’s day, around 350 million individuals all over the world are suffering from diabetes. It can be noticed, there are numerous occasions where diabetes is regarded to be inherited. So at the same time, the grounds for this sickness include things like uncontrolled living, not exercising, not conducting physical activities, taking mental stress. To eradicate diabetes, if you desire, according to 1mg, you can implement these Ayurveda remedies given below.


You may seek the aid of Tulsi to conquer the condition of diabetes. For this, you can consume two to three basil leaves per day on an empty stomach. Amaltas can also be utilised to solve the condition of diabetes. For this, after extracting the juice of Amaltas leaves and drinking a quarter cup every day in the morning on an empty stomach, diabetes would start obtaining treatment.

Bitter gourd

You can use the bitter gourd to manage diabetes. For this, you should consume bitter gourd juice daily.


Fennel can also be taken for the treatment of diabetes. For this, you can take fennel after consuming food every day. This will also provide you relief in the condition.

Flax seeds

You may utilise flaxseeds to get rid of the condition of diabetes. For this, create a powder of linseed seeds and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning with warm water.


Diabetes can also be treated by eating turnips. For this, you consume turnip every day by producing a vegetable or using turnip as a salad.