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Australian tennis player joins the adult industry due to lack of money after Rene Gracie did so

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Amidst the worldwide pandemic coronavirus, it is becoming a difficult and challenging task for a player to pursue their career in the present time. Especially in the game of tennis where the player is facing a shortage of money. May also be encountered. Young players who participate in tennis want to earn their name at the professional level. However, due to lack of funding, many times they have to take such steps which are not easy to accept in society. This year, Australia’s legendary female car racer Renee Gracie joined the adult industry by putting a brake on her racing career due to money problems and became a pornstar. Now Australian tennis player Angelina Graovac has also joined the adult industry following her footsteps. She is taking this step so she can help her financially in furthering her tennis career.

Angelina Graovac, the Australian tennis player has joined OnlyFans, one of the largest platforms for adult content. On this site, she will share her private photos and videos. Her fans and subscribers will pay to watch it. Angelina Graovac has created an account on OnlyFans to increase her income and is continuously posting comments on it.

As per the site, the 19-year-old blonde has opened a record with a grown-up site and is selling nudes. Angelina Greywack as of now positions 1,057 in the ITF Women’s Singles Rankings with 9 successes and 37 thrashings. Notwithstanding Graovac, previous world number 17 Bernard Tomic has likewise allegedly been found in an X-rated OnlyFan video with his girlfriend.

Australian tennis player Graovac following steps of Renee Gracie

Graovac went to the adult membership site, where her kindred fellow Renee Gracie has just made a name for herself. Renee was additionally a previous Australian racing driver. She was turning into the first full-time female competitor in the V8 supercar Dunlop Series in 2015 in 14 years. She just joined the Offsons, predominantly because of her helpless vocation and money issues in her racing profession.

Recently, Renee, in a video on her Instagram page, disclosing why she chose to switch career and she becomes a success.

“I have raked in lots of money, it has not been two months yet. I can most likely say with certainty that before 2 months’ over, I will be near six digits. The money has been excellent and it has plainly made me. Renee said accomplish all the more now and I’m certain I can succeed.

In a 10-minute-long video where Renee is discussing her at various times profession decisions, she states, “People consider me being mean. It will trouble me or I’m a guardian yet It’s not actually like that. ” Renee was cited by Australia’s Daily Telegraph as saying that her new career had given her monetary strength. She professes to procure up to around $ 25,000 (roughly Rs. 18.8 lakh) every week by offering her photos and recordings to fans.