Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: Top 10 most captivating arcs in the anime


It’s no wonder that death occurs frequently in Attack on Titan, given that the story focuses on mankind’s near-extinction. As the Titans push mankind over the edge, they instinctively fight to survive, even though many people perish.

A lot of mythology and narrative twists were introduced, as well as several new characters and stories that astonished and pleased fans. While certain arcs are the finest representations of the show’s quality, others might have done better. This ranking ranks the finest anime arcs.

1) War of Paradis

Following the Liberio invasion, Eren’s Survey Corps returned to Paradis but soon found themselves at risk of losing control of their area when a renegade gang of warriors wanted to seize control of the region to form the new Eldian Kingdom led by Eren.

Marley was planning a massive counter-offensive on the island. In the middle of a multi-front fight, Paradis’ fate will be revealed.

In the Paradis arc, an astonishing number of characters are killed, and many of them are adored by their supporters.

2) Return to Shiganshina

Although the Shingeki no Kyojin series has many outstanding arcs, there is a handful that stands head and shoulders above the others. The Survey Corps faced up against the giants to recapture Wall Maria upon their return to Shiganshina, culminating in a tremendous conflict that changed the course of history. The barrier/wall that protected them was shattered by Colossal Titan, with half of it toppling on Eren’s house.

At the start of the series, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren were living in Shiganshina. Carla, Eren’s mother, was stuck inside the house and couldn’t get out, so a titan ate her. After a five-year hiatus, the three returned to their childhood neighbourhood to see how things had changed.

3) Marley

For Attack on Titan fans, the Marley arc was one of the best, letting them experience what life was like outside of Paradis, the show’s main location. The majority of the recruits were from Marley’s Warrior Division, which featured Reiner and Zeke, two of the best antagonists from previous arcs.

As a result, the characters who had been attentively observed by viewers over the series’ numerous chapters and episodes were suddenly seen from a different perspective.

4) Clash of Titans

A group of Titans had come within the Walls after a suspected breach of Wall Rose. Characters like Reiner, Ymir, Bertholdt, and Connie play a bigger part in this storyline.

When the 104th Corps suddenly found itself arrayed against the Titans, they were in for a horrible and violent battle. These, however, were not the only shocks that awaited them. Members of the gang constituted a threat to one another. Eren Jaeger and the others were compelled to battle to the death as a result.

5) The Female Titan

The Attack on Titan series didn’t have a true antagonist until a few episodes in. This, however, altered during the Female Titan arc. Eren and his friends’ ambitions had never been closer to becoming a reality than after joining the Survey Corps.

They came upon the Female Titan while on an assignment. While the broader public was aware of Annie’s real nature, the Corps’ cadets were surprised to hear that she was their arch-enemy.

6) Battle of Trost

The Trost District Battle occurs between the third and fourteenth chapters of Attack on Titan and is appropriately named. Eren, Armin, and Mikasa are now teenagers who have recently been commissioned into the Survey Corps, a time jump from their childhood.

Normal-sized titans rush in and all hell breaks loose as the Colossal Titan appears out of nowhere and blows a big opening or hole in the wall.

Despite their greatest attempts, the Scouts were destroyed. For The Trost District, this is the official commencement of the battle. Trost is one of Attack on Titan’s more significant arcs, owing to the number of notable fatalities.

7) The Uprising

In the sixth arc, the Uprising, Hajime Isayama, the creator of the Shingeki no Kyojin series, offers an exceptional plot. The Uprising Arc is divided between chapters 51 to 70 in the manga, and episodes 38 through 48 in the anime version.

The Uprising Arc’s plot details how the situation within the Wall deteriorated following Nick’s death and the attempted kidnapping of Historia and Eren.

Erwin Smith sets out to overthrow the government since the monarchy’s acts constitute a great threat to humanity. The revolt is without a doubt one of Attack on Titan’s most compelling storylines.

8) 104th Training Corp

They determined 104th Training Corps arc spans Chapters 15 and 18 and follows Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the rest of the supporting cast as they prepare for the Battle of Trost.

Because our three main heroes are between the ages of ten and fifteen, this tale arc focuses on character development rather than action. This arc is a pleasant break from Attack on Titan’s regular bombardment of violence and gore, even if it is a little awkwardly placed.

9) Fall of Shiganshina

The Fall of Shiganshina’s first episode is unquestionably a fantastic introduction to a new realm. The viewer is introduced to the first few characters and their surroundings.

Shiganshina is a district within a massive walled city. Eren Yeager, a young guy who lives within the perimeter, wants to leave this walled town. However, he is hampered by the existence of Titans, massive humanoid animals who roam the globe and prey on anybody they come across.

Despite Eren’s dissatisfaction with his current condition inside Wall Maria, his family tries to encourage him to accept his current circumstances. A Colossal Titan, on the other hand, is about to appear in front of Eren, his foster brother Mikasa, and their closest comrade Armin, bringing with it a terrifying awakening.

10) Rumbling arc

The Titans of Karl Fritz’s Wall marched across the planet and killed off millions in this cataclysmic event. It was a key deterrent for Ymir’s people on Paradis Island for more than a century in the years leading up to Eren Yeager unleashing the Wall Titans and initiating the Rumbling.

Within four days of their arrival, the Rumbling caused devastation on Marley’s southern and northern continents, as well as the neighbouring countries.

The Rumbling was abruptly halted by Marley and Paradis Corps’ combined troops. By the time it did, however, the vast bulk of mankind had perished.