Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2 Opening Theme sets another record


Attack on Titan has accomplished a significant new milestone with the release of the fourth and final season’s opening theme sequence! Since their appearance a few weeks ago, the new episodes have dominated the debate, and this will probably continue as each new episode has some massive disclosures. This dominance was also witnessed in the reaction to the anime’s unique (and possibly final) opening theme sequence, as fans flocked to the original video’s online release and swiftly hit some incredible new milestones in the days and weeks after that.

Following the fantastic milestones of ten and twenty million views for Pony Canyon’s original video for Attack on Titan’s new opening, the franchise’s latest update has shown that the opening has reached yet another milestone in just three weeks since its premiere. The official Twitter account for the series is thanking fans for all of their support as it celebrates, reaching 30 million views (it is already at 30.5 million views as of this writing).

The opening theme of Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 is “The Rumbling,” performed by SiM, and with 30 million views in just three weeks, this figure will probably continue to increase and reach tremendous new heights as fans continue to watch and revisit. The episodes are also becoming significantly more dramatic, and the new opener reflects the tone shift that distinguishes itself from the first half of the season. It’s an explosive start to an explosive series.

As the final season progresses, some of the visuals from the premiere are starting to make a lot more sense, as important disclosures are dropping with each new episode. Given that the original manga by Hajime Isayama has finally concluded, the anime has a clear vision for what’s to come and how to present it for the remainder of the season. There has been some concern about whether or not everything will make it in, but we’ll find out soon enough.