Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 4 Summary: Memories of the Future


Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 4 was possibly the most visually spectacular and informative episode of the season thus far. In terms of shock value, it surpassed last week’s episode and answered some of the most vexing topics from previous seasons.

The animation of MAPPA has maintained the high quality of previous episodes. However, the changes between scenes were a touch too abrupt. However, that matches the Attack on Titan story and might be a director’s choice.

Last week’s “Two Brothers” is probably one of the best Attack on Titan episodes ever made, putting a lot of pressure on whatever comes next. After witnessing Eren’s head blasted off, another action-packed chapter would be the wrong approach. thus, “Memories of the Future” more subdued and contemplative framework serves as the ideal cool-down phase.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 4, “Memories of the Future” is a patient episode that spends virtually all of its time in the past or in the hazy timeless place known as “Paths.” This leads to a major plot surprise involving the Jaegers, as Attack on Titan concludes its saga with this beleaguered family. As the misdeeds of Grisha Jaeger are reexamined for the final time, Eren and Zeke grapple with their pasts, which develops into a riveting analysis of nature vs nurture.

************************SPOILER ALLERT!*********************

Through the link of the Paths, Zeke and Eren arrive in the past with the abilities of the Founding Titan. While they are essentially spectres invisible to ordinary humans and unable to interact with anything, certain exceptions are subsequently revealed.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Zeke wanted to demonstrate to Eren that Grisha never loved his second family, just as he never loved his first family, and was doing it to accomplish his Eldian restoration ideas, assuming Eren was still under their father’s spell.

To do this, the brothers go back in time to Eren’s birth and follow him through his youth. Grisha is shown developing ties with Paradis’ highest-ranking personnel, notably Kenny Ackerman.

Eren explains to Zeke that their father had indoctrinated him and now sees everything through Zeke’s eyes. It’s a forgery, and even Zeke doesn’t trust it. Especially considering the next scene reveals that Grisha discovered the King’s base inside the Wall but chose not to visit it because he sincerely loved his family.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Zeke realises that Grisha was not the monster he believed he was after witnessing his father be friendly with his second family and weep in his sleep while apologising to his eldest son, which leads him to believe that Eren was not a product of their father’s propaganda.

Grisha awakens at this point and nearly appears to see Zeke shouting out his name before realising that the elderly, bearded guy he saw could not be his son. Eren nudges them towards the next moment while Zeke remains speechless. They arrive at the point where Eren murdered two of Mikasa’s kidnappers, and Zeke wonders why Eren followed Grisha’s narrative even though he wasn’t brainwashed. Eren informs Zeke, shocked, that he did what he did to guarantee his independence and that he has been like this from birth.

Attack on Titan Season 4

He tells Zeke that their father’s legacy has engulfed him, and Zeke responds that heritage has inspired his Euthanasia plot. Eren pauses to observe his younger self, wrapped in a contemplative look, wrap his scarf around Mikasa. Before an ecstatic younger Eren proclaims his wish to join a member of the Survey Corps, Eren and Zeke witness Grisha complete his journal and leave it for Eren in the basement. Grisha departs to face Frieda Reiss, the King inside the Walls.

The sequence plays out exactly as it did in Eren’s remembrance of Grisha’s memories in Season 3 of Attack on Titan. Grisha begged Freida to forgive him, but she refused. Grisha begs the Attack Titan to view the titans’ memories from the future so that he can predict what will happen. Zeke is taken aback by this knowledge.

Grisha travels to shift to murder Frieda, but he cannot complete the task since he is unwilling to kill children. While Zeke is taken aback because this has never happened before and they can’t change the past, he is proven incorrect as Eren coldly pushes their father into the carnage, resurrecting old wounds and reminding him of the number of people he has lost.

Having been successfully persuaded, Grisha pulls up his knife and stabs himself, allowing the events of Attack on Titan Season 3 to play out. Eren witnessed all of this four years ago when he kissed Historia’s hand during their medal ceremony, and he has likely been preparing himself ever since.

After the carnage, Grisha wanders across the woodland, crying and wailing that he killed the children. Looking at the sky, he asks Eren whether he is pleased. It is when suddenly he sees Zeke. He can see and touch Zeke, giving his eldest son a fiery embrace. He expresses regret and assures Zeke that he has always loved him.

Grisha warns Zeke that he has seen the future and that nothing will turn out the way he expects. Eren now has the upper hand, and Grisha begs his eldest son to intervene and stop his younger brother. Zeke is shocked from the past, only to be confronted by Eren in the World of the Paths, where it all began.

Eren has a considerably more nefarious and intricate scheme in mind. The existence of a closed-loop was established in Attack on Titan Season 4, part 2 episode 4. The events of the future impact the events of the past in a cyclical manner and vice versa.

The Path is the link between them, and Eren has certainly been the catalyst. This explains Eren Kruger’s awareness of Armin and Mikasa’s names, as well as Eren’s vision at the start of the series.