Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 Episode 12: Mikasa’s confession to Eren


Today’s episode of Attack on Titan was a huge one, and the midseason finale has set up the anime’s last chapter. According to reports, the anime will return next year for its last season, and the last episode of 2022 finished with Eren’s check-in. After all, episode 87 went back in time to try to explain Eren’s turn against mankind, and it foreshadowed Eren’s true feelings for Mikasa.

The scenario depicts Eren and Mikasa on a secret mission to Marley. Most of Eren’s comrades are shown exploring the opposing nation in Attack on Titan episode 87, and Eren has some shocking discoveries along the way. The boy gets a personal look at the country’s greatest and worst sides. Finally, Eren’s reflections on the Ackerman family lead him to ask Mikasa an unexpected question.

Eren musters the guts to ask Mikasa how she feels about him, and he doesn’t mean in a lighthearted way. Fans have a fair sense of what he means to Mikasa, and he wants to know. Mikasa has never been hesitant about revealing her feelings for Eren, and you can tell the boy is eager to hear her say it.

Eren’s modest confession, however, fizzles out before it can get started. Mikasa is stunned into silence by his questioning, but her response is far from truthful. She simply informs Eren that he is important to her as a family member, and he takes the answer without reluctance. Fans, on the other hand, can perceive Mikasa’s indecisiveness when she responds, and this is because netizens already know her heart. Mikasa has had feelings for Eren for a long time, and it has nothing to do with her heritage. The childhood buddies have always been there for each other, but they are only now understanding it.