Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2 Episode 1 Summary

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The ambush strike of Marley on Paradis to rescue Gabi and Falco and reclaim the Founding Titan continues in Attack on Titan Final Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 named “judgement.” Eren has yet to meet Zeke. Thus he is left to combat the Marley Army on his own. Will Eren be aided by the imprisoned survey corps?

****************************SPOILER ALERT!***************************

If you haven’t seen the anime and don’t want a spoiler. Let’s get right into it without further ado.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 1 Summary

On January 10, 2021, the first episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 aired. Hange discovers a dying Levi Ackerman near the riverbed with a disfigured Titan at his side at the episode’s opening. Suddenly, the giant let out a sigh of relief. Since the sun began to rise, Hange was perplexed, as giants do not release steam while crumbling. Like a recently born kid, a bare-chested Zeke Jaeger sprang from its tummy.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Zeke was resurrected from the Path

It should be remembered that Zeke blew himself up in episode 15 of the last season to get away from Levi and meet up with his brother Eren. Zeke was stuffed inside her stomach by a giant.

Attack on Titan Season 4
Attack on Titan Season 4

A tiny girl kneaded earth to his body, as Zeke recounted to Hange and Floch, and he was able to regain his body. He suddenly recognized that the location was the Path, which united all of the titans, and that the small girl was, in fact, Ymir. What had taken years to get to this point was simply a matter of seconds.

The scene shifts to Paradis getting attacked by Marley

The Jaws titan attacked Eren as the blimps neared the campsite, while Pieck morphed into her cart titan form and transported Gabi to safety.

Yelena then instructs Eren to revert to his human form and flee so that they may meet up with Zeke.

Reiner dives from the airship, much like he did in Episode 1 of the final season part 1, but this time without the Beast Titan to save him. Eren locks his gaze on Reiner as they prepare to resume their unfinished business in Marley.

General Magath discovers the truth of the Founding Titan

Gabi is saved by Pieck to meet the Marley troops and get the anti-titan weapon. As Gabi risked her life to infiltrate enemy territory, General Magath expressed his anxiety. Colt arrived and inquired about his brother Falco. She said that he was jailed and had inadvertently consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid.

Magath is perplexed as to why the Attack titan has yet to use the founding titan’s strength. Gabi then remembered Zeke’s airship comments when she kidnapped and murdered Sasha. Pieck deduced that Zeke’s absence and Eren’s inability to ignite the founding titan’s power were perhaps linked with her keen logical skills. She advises Magath to avoid meeting Eren and Zeke at all costs.

As he ascended the ladder to pilot the anti-titan weapon hauled by the cart titan, Eren was struck by Anti Titan Weapon Magath and prepared to assault. As he climbs, he issues orders for them to consume the Founding Titan rather than kill him, ending the 2000-year feud.

Eren and Reiner resumed their battle, with the jaw’s titan ambushing and devouring Eren. But Eren was ready, and he utilized the war hammer titan’s ability to sprout spikes, destroying the armored and jaws titans. Eren was suddenly struck in the head. General Magath, the greatest Marley sniper, was the one who fired the anti-titan weapon and hit the Attack Titan in the head.

The eldian restorationists used this opportunity to assault the titans with their lightning spears, but the Marley troops had already positioned themselves and fired their weapons, killing the soldiers.

Magath also remembered that their ambush was only possible due to Willy Tybur’s sacrifice. The latter was mistaken for the War Hammer Titan Holder by Eren, who was really his sister Lara Tybur.

To rescue Eren, Onyankopon releases the Imprisoned Survey Corps

In a desperate attempt to rescue Eren, Onyankopon approached the imprisoned Survey corps and persuaded them to release him. Connie ran in and assaulted him as soon as he unlocked their cell, questioning why they needed to rescue Eren only to be unable to conceive children due to Zeke’s Euthanization Plan.

Connie agreed to let go of Onyankopon and listen to Armin’s explanation, and the latter confirmed to the group that he was completely unaware of Yelena’s plot. He advocated that the world see the Rumbling to deter them from assaulting the island again.

Mikasa was approached by Armin, who asked if she wanted to assist Eren. Mikasa agreed but believes it is mainly due to her Ackerman ancestry. Armin was also certain that Eren was not the kind of guy who would consent to the Euthanasia plan on the spot. Connie concurred, speculating that Eren would not have opposed Yelena and Zeke since he could safeguard the island with the Rumbling.

Eren screams loudly

Reiner and Eren are fighting it out. Reiner tries to bite Eren’s throat to access the Founding Titan’s abilities. Eren shouts as though he’s appealing to someone for assistance. Who was it that he was addressing? Remember how he yelled when he first wielded the founding titan’s power? There were no mindless giants to reach out to this time, and Dina Fritz is already dead, having been devoured by the mindless titans to protect the founder titan.