Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Reveals Title of Episode 82


Fans of Attack on Titan are still grieving from the events of episode 80, which aired this past weekend, but this show isn’t one to show compassion, even when it’s required. Season four will continue this week with a new episode until episode 82 arrives at the end of February. Now we’re getting our first look at the impending release, and it turns out that episode 82 has a title that will be recognizable to readers.

Attack on Titan Episode 82 will be released in two weeks, but the actual title has already been confirmed. The title of the seventh episode of The Final Season Part 2 was revealed as Sunset (“Yuyake”). This is the same title as the manga’s 125th chapter.

The aftermath of Eren Yeager’s magnificent plot to free the Titans is shown in Chapter 125, which is an important aspect of the manga. The residents of Paradis are forced to deal with all of the losses and deaths that have occurred around them.

Episode 80 caught the audience by surprise by revealing Eren’s new shape and, more importantly, his ultimate aim. The youngster appears to be seeking vengeance on the Eldians by trampling the rest of the globe with his army of Colossal Titans. The Rumbling is intended to bring Eren’s fantasy to life, and the anime’s most recent episode has started that process. Fans of Attack on Titan know Armin and Mikasa will try to stop Eren with the help of their pals, but they must first regroup. This plotting will take place in the anime’s following two episodes, but as readers are aware, there will be some shocking disclosures in “Sunset” that you won’t want to miss.

There’s more to look forward to in Attack on Titan Episode 82 than just that. Fans are also anticipating the reappearance of a figure who has been in some form of slumber for quite some time. Annie Leonhart is thought to have finally awakened now that the Rumbling has begun. Although she is supposed to awaken in next week’s episode, we may see more of her the following week.

Ymir’s terrible past was portrayed in the most recent episode of The Final Season Part 2, which explains why she joined Eren’s side and enabled the Rumbling to begin. However, now that the Titans have awoken, it is a hazardous moment for all humanity.