Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: Mikasa’s Controversial Scene with Louise explained


With the abrupt changes of its Final Season, Attack On Titan’s anime continues to bend fans’ heads, but one particular sequence has proven especially combustible for the audience. The scene in question is from Attack On Titan Episode 83, “Pride,” in which Eren Jaeger’s comrades in the Survey Corps must collectively make an ultimate choice concerning The Rumbling and what to do about it. Each character’s decision stems from a very emotional place reached throughout the series, but Mikasa’s moment has surprised many viewers.

Mikasa’s significant moment in this episode occurs when she finds down Louise and reclaims the legendary red scarf that Eren previously gifted her. Mikasa appeared chilly toward Louise, who was killed by a Thunder Spear while battling alongside the Jaegerists against Marley and Zeke’s Pure Titan assault. Other fans, however, have jumped in to help break down the scene and why the little arc between Mikasa and Louise finishes the way it does.

During a key talk around the table, Eren broke with his oldest friends Mikasa and Armin in Season 4A’s climax moment. During that talk, Eren emotionally shattered Mikasa by declaring that her desire to defend him was only a type of programming given to all Ackermans and that she had no ideas of her own.

Louise is a character added in Attack On Titan for one specific reason: to serve as a counterpart/foil to Mikasa — the type of programmed follower that Eren accused Mikasa of becoming. Louise was a young girl who was inspired by Mikasa’s military prowess, which drove her to embrace a “might is right” philosophy in which the objectives justified the means. Lousie’s blind passion for Mikasa led her to join Eren and the Jaegerists – but for the wrong reasons. Mikasa values that moment (and the scarf) as a symbol of Eren’s compassion, reassuring her that he would protect her. Mikasa values that moment (and the scarf) as a symbol of Eren’s compassion, reassuring her that he would protect her. Louise values Eren’s strength and savagery in killing Mikasa’s attackers when she was a child.

So, back to Mikasa and Louise’s final scene: Louise’s foolish pursuit of Eren leads to her demise, but by clinging to the scarf (even after Eren tells her to throw it away), Louise allows Mikasa to symbolically regain her agency and establish she is not Louise. Mikasa demonstrates at that moment that she is not a programmed machine, but rather a woman who chooses her fate. Mikasa has reached a point where she can tell the difference between Eren’s caring memories and the monster he’s become – so no, she doesn’t have a kind farewell for the girl who symbolised her alternate self.