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Attack On Titan Appeared in The Indian Board Exams!

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The global craze for Attack On Titan is out of this world. Fans simply can’t get enough of the show’s high serotonin levels, which continue to rise as time passes. The franchise is arguably the most popular, but it has shockingly gotten so famous that Attack On Titan has found its way into Indian board examinations.

A snapshot of an Indian English Board question paper has recently gone popular on social media channels. The Board exam question paper had a lengthy chapter in which the Attack On Titan tale was utilised as a reference. This post originated from Instagram user @thisiseppy, and numerous AOT fans began reposting it all over the place.

However, there is no reference for this picture. According to the user, he uploaded a source for this question paper but then had to remove it due to legal concerns.

Many people have asked for the source in the comments on his (@thisiseppy) article. In response to such remarks, he merely states that he is not permitted to reveal the name of the school or the identity of the individual who brought him this paper.

“Eren compelled board director to put this,” one user remarked.

“AOT simply continued pushing forward till it made it into Indian Board Exams,” another user said.

The question paper is authentic, but the origin of the question paper does not make sense. “Can confirm given my boards today,” someone commented on his post four days ago. “Unfortunately, it’s a forgery.” In response to this, he stated, “the individual said it’s from ICSE if it’s fake. Then you’ve put in a lot of work since procuring that terrible cheap Indian boards paper is incredibly tough.”

However, the user claims that this question paper is authentic and that he is unable to reveal the school’s identity publicly. We appreciate his decision, but it would have been awesome to have it.