Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: An Easter egg from the first season is revealed


With a special flashback in the most recent episode of the series, Attack on Titan went all the way back to the first episode! The anime’s fourth and final season has begun its conclusion, with Eren Yeager finally revealing what he had been pursuing the Founding Titan power for all this time. It came after a series of massive twists and turns that forever transformed viewers’ perceptions of Eren. However, as hinted by the previous episode’s events, this shift had been planned from the beginning of the series.

Because of a direct link with the Coordinate space inside the Paths of the Titan power, Eren’s Attack Titan ability enabled him to glimpse into the past and the future, as shown in the fourth and final season of the series. It was then revealed that Eren had been planning a horrific end for the last 2000 years, which is really a reference to the anime’s very first episode.

“From You, 2000 Years Ago,” episode 80 of the series, reveals that the title is really a reference to the Founder of the Titan Power herself, Ymir, as Eren tearfully confesses that she had been waiting that long for someone to come around to rescue her. It basically completes the cycle that began with the series opener, “To You, Who Lives 2000 Years Later,” by reflecting the reality that Eren was placed on this path to freedom by Ymir and Eren.

With the latest episode of Unleashing the Rumbling, it’s revealed that Eren has been fighting for this particular future all along. It’s something he learned about when he first met Historia in the third season, and it’s obviously something that had been in the works for thousands of years before the season premiered. It’s now only an issue determining what type of future Eren desired.