Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan: 5 Most Powerful Non-Titan Characters


With so many naked walking behemoths battling for domination and viewer pleasure in Attack on Titan, it’s natural for the average males and ladies to feel overshadowed. Characters that aren’t titans in the anime have a lesser screen presence, literally. That doesn’t make them any less significant or powerful than the Shifter Titan heirs.

While Eren and his half-brother Zeke are the main protagonists in Attack on Titan right now (both literally and metaphorically), other characters have more kills, medals, or have shown to be braver or more powerful. That’s quite an accomplishment considering they’re not titans; they were able to stand tall beside giants.

(5) Historia Reiss

Attack On Titan

Historia, like Hange, isn’t the most skilled or talented Survey Corps member, but her royal heritage and honest moral compass make her a perfect queen of Paradis. It was natural for her to ease into the Queen position.

In Attack on Titan, she’s now one of the most powerful persons in Paradis and the whole anime universe. Historia effectively controls all of Paradis as long as the generals and army units remain faithful to her. Of course, public support is critical, which she possesses in spades.

(4) Kenny Ackerman

Attack On Titan

Kenny was a handful even for the complete power of the Survey Corps, being one of the series’ oldest and most illustrious Ackermans. He’s an Ackerman who was raised in Paradis to be a warrior for the Eldian King.

As a result, Kenny’s expertise is battling other people, and he’s fairly good at it, even though he’s past his prime. He’s capable of annihilating an entire Survey Corps veteran team and even confronting Levi head-on.

(3) Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa, being the anime’s second or third best Ackerman, deserves more respect and credit than she receives. She’s a fitting heir to Levi Ackerman’s legacy in every way. Even more astounding is that, unlike the other two Ackermans on the episode, Mikasa was not raised to be a serial murderer, but she nonetheless managed to reach her full potential.

She’s nearly unstoppable against non-Shifter Titans, swatting them away like annoyances. She could have easily defeated a Shifter Titan if she had been given the chance.

(2) Erwin Smith

Despite not possessing the surname Ackerman, Ewin Smith was able to stand up to Levi Ackerman and even force him to capitulate. That demonstrates his ability as a field combatant.

Erwin’s leadership, tactical, and strategic ability, on the other hand, are his greatest assets. In any fight, he is by far the most important person for Paradis to have. If Erwin had desired, he could have become the monarch of Paradis and the island would have prospered. That’s how useful and excellent he is to the Eldians.

(1) Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is still the best soldier to have when it comes to physical strength and practical capabilities. He’s undoubtedly the anime’s finest Ackerman. Levi’s powers enable him to defeat not just titans but even human foes.

He’s also the first non-titan character in the anime to single-handedly beat a Shifter Titan, as seen by his defeat of Zeke in Beast Titan form. After that, he can still murder hundreds of titans with only a few resources at his disposal. It’s often hard to understand why they still need Eren when Levi is around.