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Attack of dangerous malware, 15 million Android devices in India affected.

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A serious case related to cyber security has emerged. The country’s 1.5 million Android devices have become victims of malware attack without users. According to Checkpoint Research, a new type of malware has tricked into 25 million devices worldwide, in which 15 million mobile devices are in India.

According to the report, this malware looks like an application from Google. According to the information about this malware so far, it destroys the Android device and replaces the installed application in the phone and installs the Malicious version of the app.

The checkpoint issued a statement saying, ‘This malware, called Agent Smith, is fully accessed by the device very easily. Through this it shows ads with financial profits that can be used to steal the users’ banking details. The method of working for this malware is quite similar to the earlier malware campaign like Gooligan, Hummingbad and CopyCat.

Agent Smith was first downloaded from the Third Party App Store 9Apps. It mostly targeted Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Indonesian users. So far, Indian users have been affected most of this. At the same time, malware is also harming a lot of users in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Talking about western countries, the news of this malware attack is being heard in UK, Australia and the United States. 9 apps say that it is constantly in touch with Google to investigate this matter and currently there is no Malicious app available on the Play Store.