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Attack on Kabul military base, 5 soldiers died, 4 terrorists killed.

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Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital Kabul killed 9 people in a suicide attack on the military base on Monday, while 10 were injured. The dead included five Afghan soldiers and four terrorists. The AFP spokesman told the Defense Ministry spokesman Davalat Waziri that the attack took place at the army battalion near the Marshall Fahim Military Academy at around 5 in the morning in western Kabul.

Waziri said that our security forces have completely controlled this area and the situation has become normal now. They said that the conflict between the rebels and the soldieers lasted for almost five hours. Two rebels blew themselves, while two other security forces were killed in firing. Another has been captured alive. ‘

Five Soldiers were also martyred in this conflict. The 10 wounded have been taken to the military hospital. On Monday, before the suicide attack on Monday, an ambulance bomb blast had also occurred in Kabul, in which 103 people were killed and more than 200 were injured. About one week earlier, Kabul’s Intercontinental hotel was also attacked, in which more than 20 people were killed, of whom 14 were foreigners.

Explain that the extremist terrorist organization in Afghanistan has a great influence on the Taliban. In many parts of Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the Taliban has carried out numerous terrorist acts. In Afghanistan too many Taliban militant incidents have been committed, in which thousands of innocent people have died.