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ASEAN countries angry with China’s movements in the South China Sea, said – Trust broken, stress can increase.

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Singapore, The ASEAN countries have raised their voices against China’s rising arbitrariness in the South China Sea. Foreign Ministers of ASEAN member countries have said that just as China is consistently claiming that the region is concerned, the trust between the other claimants has ended and regional tension can be increased. A day after the one-day meeting in Singapore, a statement has been issued in this regard. Although the organization of ten-member Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has not named China directly in its statement, it is clear that the target is only on China.

Explain that China claims its claim over almost the entire water body of the South China Sea. China is turning small islands into islands and putting military facilities and equipment there. China’s neighbors have expressed objections to it many times, but China is not ready to withdraw from its aggressive and expansionist policy. ASEAN members Malaysian, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan also claim claims on some parts of the region. China has been suppressing the opposition of relatively small countries on the basis of its strengths and other methods.

Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said in a joint statement, “The ministers have taken note of the concerns expressed by some ministers on the claim and the re-claim on land in this area. This has ended trust in the region, stress has increased and peace, security and stability can be affected.

Let us know that the American Think Tank had released photographs of radar and other equipment deployed on disputed islands in new pictures obtained from the satellite, after which in December China tried to defend its activity by describing the building as ‘normal’. was. Significantly, India and the United States are also against this claim of China and they strongly advocate the independence of shipping in the South China Sea. Many times American warships have been found in this area, which China has been objecting to.