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Arrested 1,385 protesters in the Yellow Vest movement in France.

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During the Yellow West movement in France, at least 1,385 protesters have been arrested. They have landed on the streets against President Emmanuel Macron in protest of rising inflation in the young country. According to AFE News, Home Minister Christophe Castaner told Saturday evening that 1,385 people have been arrested in connection with the protest, out of which 920 people have been arrested from Paris.

1,25,000 people across the country and 10,000 people in the capital are involved in demonstrations. Castner, has warned that violence in Paris and some other cities is continuing and more people can be arrested. He said 118 protesters and 17 police officers were injured. During the protest on December 1, 1,201 citizens and 284 policemen were injured. French officials have deployed 89,000 police and armed soldiers.

The number of police force last year was 65,000. 8,000 police forces have been deployed only in the capital. The police force has been asked to take immediate action to prevent any violent situation. With this, water showers, tear gas shells and a dozen armored cars have been used. On the social media, the ‘Yellow Vest’ movement started as a protest against rising taxes on oil.

Due to wearing yellow jacket by protesters, this movement is named Yellow Vest. During this protests, many people are demanding the increase of government spending on pension and education, reductions in taxes, improvement in infrastructure, reductions in immigration and privatization of public services, with the resignation of macro.