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Around 7 to 8 institutions make the Corona vaccine, the WHO chief revealed.

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In view of the increasing risk of the Corona virus, scientists from all over the world are also involved in becoming vaccinated. Now the head of the World Health Organization has said that there are 7 to 8 companies that are at the forefront of making the coronavirus vaccine. He also said that his work is being accelerated by international cooperation. However, he did not disclose the names of these companies.

$ 8 billion help in vaccine discovery
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom said in a video briefing by the UN Economic and Social Council that until two months ago we thought that the vaccine could take 12 to 18 months to make. But now a quick effort is being made which has helped 7.4 billion euros ($ 8 billion) for research, treatment, and testing by 40 countries, organizations, and banks a week ago.

We need more money
The amount of $ 8 billion would not be sufficient for the discovery of the vaccine, he said. We will need additional funding to speed up the development of the vaccine. We will need to ensure that that vaccine reaches everyone and no one is left behind.

7-8 candidates lead in making vaccine
Tredos said that we have good candidates for making the vaccine. 7 to 8 candidates are at the forefront. But in addition to these, more than 100 institutions are working to make the vaccine. He also said that we are focusing on those candidates who can bring better results to us and provide full support to those candidates with better potential.

WHO working with a team of 400 scientists
The WHO Chief stated that our organization is working with thousands of researchers worldwide to accelerate the development of the vaccine, from developing animal models to designing clinical trials. It also includes an organization of 400 scientists.