Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day: Why is the country’s Armed Forces Day celebrated on December 07?

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Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated every year on December 07. It is also called Armed Forces flag day or Flag Day. Its objective is to raise funds for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel and spend it for their families’ welfare.

Armed Forces Flag Day started on December 07, 1949. The Defense Committee of the Union Cabinet had decided to observe Flag Day on December 07 for the welfare of war veterans and their families. Since then, Armed Forces Flag Day has been celebrated every December 07. The government merged all the funds concerned into one Armed Forces Flag Day Fund in 1993.

Why is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated?

There are three main objectives of fundraising on Armed Forces Flag Day – first, to help in the loss caused during the war, secondly, for the welfare and help of the people serving in the army and their families. Third, helping retired personnel and their families. The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy organize various programs on this day. The money collected from the programs is put into the Fund.

The local branches of the Kendriya Sainik Board under the Ministry of Defense manage the money collected on this day. It consists of a management committee and voluntary organizations.

Why are red and blue flags given?
Red, dark blue, and light blue flags are given instead of money collected for the armed forces across the country. These three colors symbolize the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.

This day also reminds us that we are also standing shoulder to shoulder for the families of the soldiers standing under challenging conditions on the border.

You can also help by visiting the website
On this day, lakhs of people of the country participate in the financial cooperation for the army’s soldiers. Apart from this, any interested person can also contribute online by visiting the website of Kendriya Sainik Board.