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Argentina’s parliament rejects a bill that validates miscarriage.

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Argentina, The Argentinean parliament has rejected the bill that validates the abortion. This has shocked the supporters of abortion rights in a Catholic-dominated country. According to a report by the news agency EFE, this bill has allowed abortions during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The law was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on June 14. In the parliament voted for it on Wednesday night. In the total 72 seats, 31 votes in favor of the bill and 38 against it. 2 people were absent from voting Tamara Tarasik Broner, a senior American researcher from Human Rights Watch, said, “Whatever humanitarians work for us, they know that this is a long battle.”

Broner further said, “If this does not grow then we have to continue to emphasize it.” MPs discussed the bill late Wednesday night. Abortion rights activists took out the rally and the Catholic Church organized Mass for Life in the capital Buenos Aires.