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Are you in Relationship? This story must belong to you.


Everyone believes in the fancy fairytales when it comes to talking about the relationship that every relation has a perfect end with “they lived happily ever after.” Just like Disney princesses got their prince charming in a magical way, every girl wishes to have one. But in today’s world, we have to come up from this cliché, because it has become necessary to get familiar with what happens ‘after they lived happily ever after”? Those fairytales don’t teach us about the path that has to be followed to maintain and nourish the love and romance once the newness has worn off.

By reading further to this article one can judge the essentials to be practiced that are necessary to build and keep a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the partner. It’s very common to hear that people falling in love madly initially without even knowing and taking the time to realize and figure out who the person is and what they prefer. But when it comes to owning a car or entity, they may spend more time researching their perfect car, which may stay with them for a shorter span of time as compared to their needs, wants, perspective, and aims for a perfect relationship which may happen for the lifetime. So the very beginning occurs with self-introspection and discovery. The reasons that may come up to get into a relationship will always differ because reasons are manmade. The process doesn’t stop once you discover your reasons to be in a relationship because after this it becomes necessary to move forward with someone who has a similar vision as yours.

Let’s consider two different approaches to make it more clearly; for instance, a drawn-out serious relationship versus the companion with benefits. Next, you are ought to analyze your conviction about connections that customarily get affected by your family esteems. At the same time, you can not anticipate that your accomplice should be something that you yourself are certainly not. For instance, on the off chance that you need your partner to be dedicated, you may need to consider your own reputation with loyalty. When you complete this phase of self-exploration of whys and how’s you seek for the definition of a healthy relationship. If in short then a healthy relationship is one with interdependent, whereas an unhealthy relation is codependent.

A codependent relationship is one in which both are dependent on each other for their existence, identity as well as for the fulfillment of emotional needs. In such a case, these boundaries tend to blur, and identities become lost. This type of relationship may lead to unhealthy family dynamics to include domestic violence and substance abuse. On the contrary, an independent relationship depicts that each partner is whole and complete. Both of them are ready to share their lives with each other because partners have created an independent life before this step. Interdependency states each individual maintains their own separate identity while at the same time creating a shared life together. When you become familiar with the person inside you as well as your partner and the meaning of a relationship, the next comes is to know to inherit differences because these have a significant impact on the communication.

When both the men and women face stress they may contradict each other. Women tend to become more nurturing and protective whereas men experience the sink or swim reaction. In such a situation the positive behavior of women may trigger the man’s stress. A man who yells may create fear in women and later becomes a vicious cycle. If both are aware of this split, this type of conflict can be avoided because attack should be on the issue, not the person. Also, when presenting thoughts, men concentrate on main points, while women tend to focus on details because she believes in a discussion-oriented solution rather than directly jumping onto the action plan like men. To overcome this contradiction, it is advisable to listen to the partner about the situation and then together reaching sat a common solution.

Both genders have differential societal norms, which makes men more comfortable with analogous play, and women are more with interactive play when it comes to a particular situation. Thus, it becomes necessary to build effective communication. Everyone is aware of this important key but still, weakness comes. This weakness in communication is major because of environmental, verbal, and non-verbal distractions. Always try to make time and a suitable situation to have a conversation with your partner but keep in mind that don’t initiate it if either of you is hungry or tired. Also, it is important to understand that partner doesn’t have to agree all the time with how you feel, which gives freedom to breathe in relation as you both become vocal with each other completely. 

There will be times where the conflict will take place but both have to get comfortable with conflict. The contention is a contradiction in point of view, convictions, qualities, and thoughts that by and large happens when one’s needs are being encroached upon or not being met. And what causes heightening in contention are the compelling feelings that are joined to it. To avoid contentions both have to start living in present and focus on current aspects of life. Be honest and listen and hear what your partner says along with taking responsibility.