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Are you in a relationship? So this story just for you. Modern Relationships and India


The world has been moving expeditiously, eliminating the distance and barriers between regions. Cultures have been reaching millions around the globe, and limitations have minimized to a near zero. With this wave of change emerged the modern relationships with an enormous variation in functioning and thinking. In a country like India, where accepting change occurs with dissent and moral policing, modern-relations are often under scrutiny. Parental generations blaming the rise of social media and affiliation of the western culture has become a familiar sight today. The dissent mainly arises from the age-long discrimination against people who choose to live life by their terms. Societal pressure and social conditioning have always played the role of key-importance on how one perceives a relationship. Most relationships today are deemed illicit by those with thinking based on past eras. Modernization has brought in a variety of changes, one of them being the change of perspective. Deep-rooted patriarchy in the Indian society has often paid a deaf ear to the development and understanding of relationships.

While this change has been hard for everyone, the impact on women and non-binary genders has been the highest. Over the decades, the relationship between a man and a woman of the same social community has been prevalent and encouraged, while those between two people from different social communities were named illicit and harmful to the propagation of man and the higher social group in particular. Relationships today between any genders are focused mainly on consent and understanding. Earlier, relationships were defined only by marriage, while those of lovers were imaginary and praised only in the movies. The couple tied by the nuptial knot was forced to adjust to each other’s needs and were said to never drift-apart. Today, when the younger generation began understanding their rights and their duties as people, the growth and change of perspective has been exponential. Youngsters today understand that their life is their choice, and that that they are solely responsible for every kind of relationship they intend to indulge.

Sexual relationships based out of emotional bonding are another kind of dominant relationships that have arisen in modern times. While these boast of a healthy sexual life and focus on the choices of people, they at times point out the lack of commitment in the modern-day youngsters. Relationships like these, built on the freedom of choice in people, are often down-graded as morally incorrect. The relations being morally-incorrect or propagating the idea of a lack of commitment is purely based on one’s perspective and does not point out any criminal activity. The rise of dating apps has opened the world of choices where a partner is not limited to the circles of social nature where-in the role of societal acceptance is high. These dating apps introduce people from corners of the country to each other, connecting them through a vivid stratum of relationships. Many youngsters today have found love in its true nature through dating apps and a sudden social media encounter. Like demons to angels, the dating apps also opened a world of fraud. Sex-trafficking has seen a rise where women and teenagers got tricked by the person they met online into a scandal unknowingly. The increase in scandals has also increased the threat of judgment from the communities around. These are the negative aspects present in relationships of all kinds, which are often inevitable. A change of perspective and understanding is all it takes to accept these relationships.

The other kind of relationship, though less prevalent, which has struck a chord, is the open relationships. The relationship of this kind encourages a couple to have individual and varied sexual encounters without engaging in an emotional-relationship with their sexual partners. The base of an open relationship is often confusing and sometimes dangerous too, yet, it is the understanding between a couple that plays a significant role. Many people tend to categorize these relationships into a group of illegal relations too, but they are different on many levels. In an illicit relationship, one of the partners maintains an emotional and sexual relationship with a second person without the knowledge of their partner. In open relationships, each of the partners has the consent of their better half to partake in a sexual bond with a third person. The confusing definitions of these relationships, which are new to India, often draw unwanted attention and criticism.

While there are significant differences in naming these relationships, the soul of all of them is consent. Acceptance, understanding, and knowing each other’s needs without compromising oneself as a person are the main criteria of today’s relationships. Previously, an emotional relation had to retain, no matter what, and the sacrifice of one of the partners, which was mostly women, was put on a pedestal, thereby glorifying it and degrading those who choose not to be the compromising ones. The advent of change in thinking over the years introduced and increased acceptance and understanding of relationships of all kinds. The diversification shall bring forth an entirely new world that might take the blame for losing culture and heritage so rich. But, the culture and heritage that passed from generation to generation never spoke of discrimination of any kind, which is the kind of world, modern relations aim to create and emphasize on.