Arati Saha – Know her full story and the reason behind Google honouring her

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Google is well known to honor various people in a very unique way that is by Google Doodle and people or anything that is mentioned in Google Doodle is no doubt very famous and very amazing. Today, an Indian Arati Saha has been honored by Google and every Indian is so proud of her today but very few knows who she was and what was her story? So, let us talk about Arati Saha and know her story.

Arati Saha was a well known Indian swimmer and her accomplishments are so many that the list is never-ending. But to add about her accomplishments few are there that made her unique and different from all the other swimmers. She was an Olympic winner in swimming and she was the first woman or we can say Indian as well as the first Asian woman who was able to cross the English Channel. For this, she swam for about 42 miles and the place from where she started swimming was France and the destination was England. And as we all know one person or another is always there in one’s life that inspires him or her so here also her inspiration for swimming was another Indian swimmer Mihir Sen.

Saha was born in Kolkata and was Bengali and had 2 siblings. And she was so good at swimming that at the age of 5 only she won a gold medal and her tutor who was her coach was Sachin Nag. And after that at the age of 11, she was known to be a swimming star. The doodle that google has uploaded today is made or we can say drawn by a person of Kolkata only and her name is Lavanya Naidu. With this picture, Lavanya wanted to present her views that every person should have that much freedom that he or she should dream as big as she or he can and the location of that person should not matter or disturb his or her ability to think broad.

Saha earned various distinctions in her initial profession, including setting an all-India record in 1949 and breaking Dolly Nazir’s all-India record in a 1951 West Bengal state meet. Nazir and Saha would speak to India together at the 1952 Olympics and was one of the four ladies members.

After the Olympics, Saha zeroed in on rehearsing the breaststroke, reliably her best classification. She additionally began taking an interest in a significant distance swim rivalry in the Ganges. She contacted salute Bangladeshi swimmer Brojen Das when he turned into the principal Asian swimmer to cross the English Channel in 1952. He proceeded to prescribe Arati Saha to the Butlin International Cross Channel Swimming Race coordinators for the 1953 occasion. In spite of her fame and wide help, she battled to raise the subsidizing to make a trip to England until the Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru, offered her help.

Arati Saha’s preparation system was more than thorough. At a certain point, she swam for eight straight hours at the lake in Deshbandhu Park and afterward proceeded to twofold her time. Following six years of preparing, Saha headed out to England on 24 July 1959.

Her first occasion was tormented with disasters. Her pilot vessel was very nearly an hour late, and she missed positive conditions. Saha came extremely close to the English coast however needed to turn around for her own wellbeing.

On 29 September 1959, Arati Saha tried to cross the English Channel. She was for a shocking 16 hours and 20 minutes, covering 42 miles. At the point when she arrived at the English shores, Saha raised the banner of India.

After her memorable triumph, she wedded her long-lasting chief, Dr. Arun Gupta, in 1959. The following year she was granted Padma Shri, one of India’s most noteworthy non-military personnel praises, in 1960. The Department of Posts made a postage stamp in her honor in 1999. Google doodle craftsman Lavanya Naidu was an eager stamp gatherer as a child during the ’90s and recalls her fervor at seeing her old neighborhood legend on a stamp.

Arati Saha had one little girl, Archana, and worked for the railroads through her grown-up life. She died on 4 August 1994.