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AR Rahman mom passes away, Singer himself gave the news through social media

Music Relationship Trending

Music composer AR Rahman mom Karima Begum has died. Rahman has shared his mom’s photograph and given the news about it. It is being said that Karima Begum was sick for quite a while. Rahman was near his mom. He had told in a meeting that his mom caused him to understand that he should make his future in music.

Rahman said in a meeting to CT, ‘She additionally loves music. For otherworldliness, she thinks and chooses in a way that is better than me. As though he had concluded that I need to make a profession in music. She taught me music in class 11. She accepted that my brilliant future lies in music. ‘

Relationship with mother

On his relationship with his mom, Rehman had stated, “Our relationship isn’t caring for that in movies, mother and child grasp one another.” We respect each other a great deal. ‘

Rahman lost his dad at 9 years old
Media reports said that his mom Karima Begum, whose underlying name was Kasturi, hitched Malayalam film author Rajagopal Kulasekharan. At the point when AR Rahman was 9 years of age, his dad kicked the bucket. At that point, his mom without any assistance assumed control over the whole family. As indicated by the report, in a meeting, Rahman said that he came into the music business simply because of the motivation of his mom.

AR Rahman was raised by his mother alone

Rahman had told in the interview that my mom used to lend father’s instruments, which used to run our home. Rahman said that his mom had perceived the melodic ability inside him. He had said that his mom loves music without question. She taught me music in class 11.