Apple Will Soon Make iPads That Convert Into Smart Display

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The new iPad Pros are anticipated to be unveiled by Apple at any time; according to rumours, they will go on sale soon. However, a fresh iPad report got our attention, and this time Apple plans to target two markets with a single model.

This new gadget that turns iPads into smart displays will probably assist Apple’s smart home ecosystem. The Google Nest Hub Max device, which is essentially a smart speaker with a display attached to it, will be comparable to this.

The dock for the iPad, which will reportedly be unveiled in 2023, will demonstrate how Apple is attempting to advance its line of smart devices. Additionally, the availability of this dock can boost iPad sales and contribute to Apple’s ever-expanding product lineup. Future society will be heavily reliant on smart devices, and Apple has yet to completely realise its potential in this area.

Developers can add more goods to the ecosystem by using the company’s HomeKit, but the higher proportion is still lagging. Introducing this dock might work and provide Apple with a marketable smart product after the HomePod, which fell short of expectations. Having said that, Apple needs Siri to be far more powerful in order for it to work on the iPad docking station.

Having an iPad is a benefit in and of itself, but the dock needs to be more than just a charging station and stand. Apple should include a speaker in the dock so that playing Apple Music from an iPhone or iPad is simple and, ideally, hands-free.

The article doesn’t provide any pricing information, but based on Apple’s past pricing practices, we may anticipate the dock to cost approximately $150 (roughly Rs. 12,000) or perhaps $199 (roughly Rs. 16,000) when it launches.