Apple warns, if you do this, the camera of your expensive iPhone will be damaged

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Leading phone maker Apple has issued a warning for its users. It has been advised by the company to avoid using the iPhone on a motorcycle with high power. If you do this, then your iPhone’s camera may get affected. You may not be able to take better photos.

Giving information on its support page, Apple has written that the vibrations and waves emanating from a motorcycle with a high-power engine can affect the phone’s camera.

Some iPhones have advanced camera
Apple has given an advanced camera system in some of its iPhone models. Through this, you can take a better photo even in the most challenging conditions with optical image, stabilization, and closed-loop autofocus technology. This technology automatically neutralizes any movement, vibration, and gravity effects, which helps capture a better photo.

Use on light engine vehicles
Apple has said not to attach their iPhone to the high-power engine. It is advised that you can attach the phone to a light engine scooter or electronic bike. The OIS and AF systems of the phone may get damaged if you use them on a motorcycle with high power.

These iPhones have an OIS system
Apple has told that if a phone has an OIS system and you use it on a high-powered motorcycle, then its OIS system will be affected. Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE 2nd generation phones have an OIS system.