Apple showed the first look of its MagSafe battery, which is much thicker than we thought.

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Apple recently officially launched its MagSafe battery pack. These portable batteries are compatible with the iPhone 12 series and AirPods that support wireless charging. Just like most other Apple accessories we expect. MagSafe batteries should be slim and stylish. Well, it’s not like that.

The picture Stephen Russell shared on Twitter gave us a closer look at the new battery, which is very thick. , A power adapter that you can connect to the back of your iPhone without having to carry it with you. You can also charge AirPods through wireless charging support. Russell shared this photo of using the MagSafe battery kit to charge his AirPods Pro. It should also be able to charge any other devices that support Qi wireless charging.

The iPhone 11 battery case released by Apple has a physical quick access button for the camera, but there is nothing extra to do because it is essentially a docking battery that can charge the phone. Apple says that this MagSafe battery has a charging power of up to 5W, so your phone will not charge very quickly.

The MagSafe battery also requires iOS 14.7, as stated on the support page, this software update is not yet available. It will not ship until July 22, and we can look forward to using this update until then. In India, we don’t know when the MagSafe battery will be available. It is included on the website and we know what it will be. Its price is £10,900, but it is “not currently available”.