Apple MacBook Air 2022

Apple MacBook Air 2022 launch date and specifications leaked!

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At its ‘Unleashed’ presentation earlier this week, Apple introduced two new MacBook Pro models, next-generation AirPods and the HomePod Mini. It was announced at the launch ceremony that Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets will be used in the new MacBook Pro computers. MacBook Air computers were conspicuously absent from Apple’s announcement of its next-generation MacBook Pro laptops. The next-generation MacBook Air has finally been shown (Apple MacBook Air 2022), according to rumors.

According to Dylan, an Apple analyst, Apple’s next-generation MacBook Air notebook will be available around the middle of 2022. There will be various improvements to the current MacBook Air laptop with this new model. To begin with, it will be supplied with a MagSafe power supply. In addition, it will have a 1080p webcam, which is a significant improvement over the current 720p webcam. According to the Apple analyst, a 30W power adapter and USB Type-C connections are also expected on the new MacBook Air 2022. However, no one will be interested in it.

Apple MacBook Air 2022 exiting colour options

Also, according to the Apple analyst, the forthcoming MacBook Air notebook will include a full-sized keyboard. It is similar to the recently announced MacBook Pro model. It was also revealed that when it will be launched in 2022. The MacBook Air would have color options akin to the 24-inch iMac. You can choose from the following options: blue (default), green (default), pink (default), silver (default), yellow (default), orange (default). A report by GizChina cites an analyst as saying that the forthcoming MacBook Air notebook would not have the MacBook Air moniker on it but instead will just be called a ‘MacBook.’

There are still more items on the list. According to an insider, there will have no HDMI port or SD card slot on the future MacBook Air 2022 model. The next MacBook Air laptop will not include the 120Hz ProMotion display technology. Apple is rumored to be reserving the feature for its high-end Pro models only. Bezels will surround the screen as well.

Finally, the MacBook Air 2022 may use the Apple M2 chipset rather than the recently released M1 Max and M1 Pro chipsets. But for the time being, information about this SoC is scant. The MacBook Air 2022 will be slimmer than its predecessor, thanks to a wedge-shaped design. To be clear, though, Apple has yet to comment on this report, so take everything with a grain of salt. As soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know.