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Apple is making a special iPhone for China, the price will be lower.

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Technology Sector giant Apple is one of the major smartphone brands in premium segment in China. However, Apple has been experiencing strong losses in the case of users in China for the past few years. Now the new reports say that Apple is working on the special version of iPhone for China’s market. That is, Apple is working on a special iPhone for China. It seems that by taking this step, the company wants to prevent its existing users from switching to other brands. Along with that, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo want to attract users who buy smartphones from other brands.

Some additional features will be removed to keep the price low
Last year when the iPhone XS was launched, it was an attractive offering for the market, because this smartphone had a big display, dual SIM touch and better cameras. However, the price range of 6,000-10,000 yuan kept the users away from this smartphone. Now Apple is preparing to remove some of the additional features to keep the iPhone’s price low in the Chinese market.

Face ID feature will end
For example, most users in China do not use face IDs. In such a situation, Apple can finish this feature in its iPhone in China. At the same time, the traditional fingerprint sensor can bring. When Apple will bring this new iPhone, at the moment it is not clear. But, it would be interesting to see that Apple brings a new version of the iPhone to the Chinese market. According to the report of China Xintong Institute, the average price of smartphones in Chinese market rose by 16.8 percent to 2,523 yuan in 2018.

This report says that the price has increased by 13 percent in the segment above 4,000 yuan and the share of Chinese brands in this segment is more than 30 percent. Apple wants to get a fair share of premiums in the premium segment of Apple’s special iPhone.