Apple iPhone with a disappearing camera notch? Look at what this report says

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp has this feature that allows your chats, photos, and videos to disappear after a period of time. This is called “view once” because the message should be seen once, and then it must go. This is exactly what it did, it just disappeared. According to reports, Apple is now trying to eliminate the gap in the camera. When not in use, they disappear from the screen. Until you are satisfied, the technology is still being tested and will not be possible in the short term. In fact, it will definitely not appear in the Apple iPhone 13 series to be released a few months later.

Apple, the first to see it, reported that Apple had obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that concealed the iPhone’s camera and removed the gap.

When the marker is not used, it will remain in fade-in and fade-out mode. This technique is called adjustable windows. Tech Radar says this can be done in two ways. The pivot hinge is used to open it when the user needs to use it. The second is the “mobile screen” that swipes down, which is fixed in the desired position and visible.

The future may or may not use this technology on the iPhone, but this definitely shows that Apple has a goal to do something. An infrequently used camera takes up a lot of iPhone screen space. For Apple, this space is definitely suitable for experimentation, providing more space for other things that consumers might find useful. Whether this technology will be actually used is still unknown, and it may even end up in the garbage dump of failed historical projects.

Recently, many other experiments have been reported recently, and they even include punch-hole camera designs and even bottom-screen cameras.