Apple did not introduce iMessage for Android, why?

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iMessage is one of Apple’s valued product. Furthermore considered to be one significant motivation behind why individuals can’t quit utilizing iPhones. Another court recording from Epic Games has disclosed that an Android version of iMessage was likely to work out. However, rejected as Apple dreaded it would lose clients.

Apple and Epic Games will go head to head in a government preliminary on May 3. In front of the preliminary, Epic Games has recorded a short which contains selections from Apple chiefs on the choice behind not making an Android form of iMessage, Android Police announced. This reveal is said to show another illustration of Apple’s restraining infrastructure on making clients adhere to its foundation.

As per the court recording, “Apple chose not to build up a version of iMessage for the Android OS”. The chance was there wherein Android and iOS clients would have the option to message each other through a cross-stage similarity on iMessage. However, this was emphatically dismissed by Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, who supervises the advancement of iOS, iPadOS and macOS. “iMessage on Android would basically serve to eliminate [an] impediment to iPhone families giving their children Android telephones,” the filings expressed.

Apple’s leader accountable for the App Store, Phil Schiller additionally concurred saying that Apple ought not to launch iMessage on iOS. Back in 2016, Schiller was additionally cited as saying that “moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than helping us, this email represents why.”

While there has been no report as such on the chance of iMessage coming to Android, these assertions give some lucidity on why it didn’t occur and why it won’t ever will. Google has taken a stab at giving Android clients an iMessage-like involvement in RCS yet it’s protected to say that the biological system is a long ways behind Apple’s.