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Apple apologized for the slow down of the iPhone, said- Change the battery at concessional rates to us.

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SAN FRANCISCO: Apple has apologized to the company that created it on the complaints of slow down on older iPhone models. Along with this, the company has also given the option of converting the battery of some of its handsets at subsidized prices.

This answer came from Apple after many iPhone customers expressed their outrage and many of the legal disputes have been filed. After the issue of battery related complaints, the concern is that the company is deliberately doing so to put pressure on the customers to upgrade the model of the phone.

In response to the company’s response to the customers on their website, “We know that some of you think Apple has broken trust. We apologize for that. We always want our customers to use the iPhone as long as they want. We are proud that Apple’s products are known for their durability and their value remains much longer than our competitors’ products.

Apple said that models of iPhone 6 and above who are out of warranty will change their battery at a discounted rate. Their price is $ 29 compared to $ 79. This work will be done from January to December 2018. At the same time, the company will also bring a software update for these phones so that its customers can get the convenience.