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Anushka Sharma returns to work after becoming a mother, Vamika’s mummy shoots advertisement

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Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has been continuously on social media since pregnancy. Ever since the actress became a mother, her fans have been desperate to get a glimpse of their daughter Vamika. So at the same time, the actress and her husband and cricketer Virat Kohli are very protective about their daughter. Due to which this couple has not shown their daughter’s face to the fans till now. Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma has returned to work once again.

Actually, some pictures of Anushka are going viral on social media. A photographer capturing Bollywood stars and celebrities posted these photos on their Instagram account. In the pictures, you can see the actress looks quite fit. Also, Anushka has worn blue denim jeans and a white colour top. Not only this, but he is also wearing a mask during this time. Anushka is seen getting off the vanity van.

While sharing the picture, its caption says that – Anushka Sharma returned to work two months after pregnancy, during which she looked super fit. She will be shooting for a back to back high profile endorsement. The fans are very happy with Anushka’s return.

Recently, on the special occasion of Anushka Sharma’s father Ajay Kumar Sharma’s birthday, the actress shared many unseen pictures of her father. In one of these pictures, his daughter Vamika was seen on Nana’s lap, little Anushka is seen in his lap. So in another picture, his daughter Vamika is in the lap of her maternal grandfather. Anushka and Virat have not yet shown their daughter’s face.