Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal has reacted to YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani’s Shark Tank India parody video

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Anupam Mittal of Shark Tank India answered a fan’s question about his character being ‘assassinated’ in YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani’s spoof video of the popular reality show. Shark Tank India ended its first season a few months ago, but by the conclusion of the season, it had become a rating powerhouse, with the momentum continuing for weeks.

Anupam Mittal recently expressed his gratitude for his mother-in-law on Instagram. “Sir, don’t you think the way Ashish has portrayed you in his Sasta Shark Tank is very wrong! Like is it okay to do character assassination of someone in the name of comedy? I really don’t know what’s your take on this but I felt very bad when I watched that video!” one fan said in the comments area of the post.

“Ignore,” Anupam said, use bhi apna ghar chalana hai (he also has to earn his bread). Anyway, besides me, nobody can assassinate my character. Woh privilege mein apne paas hi rakhta hoon (I don’t give anybody that privilege),” adding wink-face emojis. Following that, a short social media feud occurred between Ashish Chanchlani’s admirers and the original commenter.

The co-founder was on a panel with Ashneer Grover, Ghazal Alagh, Namita Thakur, Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, and Vineeta Singh on the show. Anupam’s calm demeanour and raspy voice were well-known. Ashish’s video, on the other hand, impressed Ashneer. “Hilarious!” says the narrator. What a performance by all of the Sharks!! He’d written “Sasta and Tikau” in the comments box of Ashish’s Instagram post about the video.