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Another Honor: India is the most dangerous country for women, “Report says”.

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London, India is the most dangerous country in the world for women. A poll of Global Experts has claimed that India has this situation because of sexual offenses against women and forced labor for them. On Tuesday, the results of this poll were released. According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation survey, war-affected Afghanistan and Syria are second and third India. After this, Somalia and Saudi Arabia are number one. This report has been prepared after taking opinions of experts from 550 women’s issues.

Speaking of Western countries, America was the only country in the top 10 in terms of sexual crimes and harassment with women. In the case of sexual harassment from women, the United States has been jointly placed at the third place. Earlier this kind of survey was done in 2011 too. In that survey, Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia were told to be the most dangerous country for women.

Experts say that the reason for reaching the top in the dangerous countries towards women of India is that the necessary efforts were not made to deal with the crimes. According to the report, despite the national level protests after the case of brutal rape and murder of a student before 6 years in Delhi, the situation is not very improved.