Android users will be relieved to a great extent, thanks to Google Work Profile

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While some corporations adopted hybrid working patterns in the wake of the new coronavirus epidemic, the majority adopted a work-from-home (WFH) strategy. People worldwide are battling to maintain a healthy work-life balance as remote working becomes the new standard. As a result, Google’s Work Profile tool has been made available to users worldwide. According to the company, Work Profile will be made available to everyone who owns an Android phone and wants to turn off their work apps with the touch of a button.

According to Google, its Work Profile tool will be included in Google Workspace before the end of the year. Users who haven’t utilized the Work Profile feature yet can add their company’s email apps to their personal phone and turn them off with a single button, thanks to a built-in service on all recent Android phones.

Benefits of Using Google’s Work Profile for You

For the time being, the Work Profiles feature on Android may only be turned on by companies that manage devices. However, Google has promised that the function will be available to all users by 2022. According to the company, Work Profile will be expanded in the future so that anyone with an Android phone may turn off their business apps with a single button press. If you’re using two different versions of the same software, such as WhatsApp, this feature will come in handy.

Keeping the Work-Life Balance

It is possible to utilize workplace apps on personal devices using Google Work Profiles without granting the business authorization to access individual files and data. Each of these apps has its own data and operation portion that can be turned off when not in use, allowing users to continue using other apps. According to reports, there appears to be no connection between Android 12 and the new support, and additional information regarding the functionality will be revealed later.