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An attack on Facebook’s fake accounts, removed 687 pages related to Congress and BJP.

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There are few days left in the first phase of elections for the general elections, but Facebook has removed 687 pages associated with Congress and BJP party from its platform. On Monday, the social media company said that these pages related to the country’s main opposition party Congress have been removed due to dishonest behavior. Facebook has probably taken this kind of action for the first time when the pages linked to a major political party have been removed. Facebook has made it clear that these pages have been removed due to their ‘inhalational behavior’, or inaccurate information rather than the content published in them.

Facebook has the largest number of 30 million users in India. Facebook said that in its investigation, it has found that people created fake accounts and joined the different groups to spread content and work to increase connectivity among the people. Facebook said that apart from the local news in these pages, BJP and PM Narendra Modi were also criticized.

Head of Facebook’s cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleicher said, “People tried to do this work by concealing their identity, but we found in our investigation that such pages were related to the people of Congress’s IT cell.” He said that these accounts are being removed due to not being content but unprofessional behavior.

Congress denies charges
The party has rejected the allegations made by Facebook behind the removal of some pages related to Congress IT cell. Congress Party spokesman Manish Tiwari told reporters, “We are not interested in giving feedback on the news reports that are coming up. We have to check whether they were linked to the Facebook page and only after that we will make a comment. ‘ Tiwari clearly said that we have to check the truth of the report.

Let us tell you that in India, from April 11 to May 19, there are 7 phases in which elections are to be held and the results are announced on May 23. Facebook has also introduced two samples of deleted pages, in which the efforts of PM Narendra Modi have been criticized and appealed to support the Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi.

103 pages linked to Pakistani army removed
The social media giant said that it has decided to remove 103 pages linked to the Pakistan Public Relations Department. They were operating from Pakistan. Many authorities around the world had pressured to take action on accounts that spread fake information for political gain on Facebook.