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America’s motive is to provoke tension: China

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China has alleged that the US has tried to “provoke tensions” by sending a missile destroyer from the disputed South China Sea Island on Monday. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuning told in a regular press conference that two warships had passed by early morning on Wednesday near Spratly Islands with claims of Beijing. This has been described by the US as the ‘freedom of navigation campaign’.

He said that the purpose of America is to provoke tension and reduce peace in the South China Sea. Hua Chuning requested the US not to ‘inflammatory action’. USS Spruce and USS Preble have passed near the island at a time when the US and China have to make important business talks this week. The purpose of this dialogue is to prevent business jungle between the world’s two largest economies.

China claims its entire South China Sea, while Taiwan, Philippine, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam also claim it. The United States and its allies often send their aircraft and warships closer to the South China Sea Islands.