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America’s important strategic partner is India: American MP

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India is one of America’s most important strategic partners. This is what an American MP said. Democrat Mark Warner and Republican MP John Cornyn talked to Harsh V. Shringla, India’s new ambassador to the US. “India will be one of our most important strategic partners,” Cornyn said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Let Warner and Cornyn co-chair the very strong Indian Caucus, who is the only country-specific caucus in the Senate. Cornyn said, “I am extremely happy that I and MP M. Warner received an opportunity to welcome Ambassador Sri Lanka. We also discussed about how both countries can work together for each other’s interests. During the talks, American lawmakers and ambassador to India talked about the relationship between the two countries in the future.

MP Warner said at the same time, “It is my good fortune that I got an opportunity to talk to strengthen the bridge of relations between India and America.” Warner is also the Vice Chairman of the Select Selection Committee on Intelligence. He said, “India and America have many shared strategic interests. In all these cases, I hope to work better with Ambassador Shringla. ”