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America’s first woman Senator Kamala Harris described her mother as her inspiration.

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Kamla Harris, who is preparing to compete for President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections, credited her political career with her ‘superhero’ mother. According to Harris, the American mother of her Indian origin raised a sense of responsibility in her, which inspires her political career. Harris is the first senator of Indian origin in America.

Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris came to the United States from Tamilnadu for study at the age of 19. She married Donald Harris in 1938. She wrote Kamla Harris in his book, The Truth’s Hold: An American Journey, ‘Actually she was my mother who took responsibility for our upbringing. How will we remain as a woman, it was the most responsible for shaping it. And she was very extraordinary. ‘

Harris said that her late mother empowered him to personally take action to solve the problems she encountered – a theme that influenced his political career. At the same time, in his second book ‘Superheros Are Everywhere’ for children, she placed his mother at the top of the superheroes list. Harris is seen as a strong contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential election to challenge Trump in 2020 elections.