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American industry organization said, eliminating the expansion of H-1B visa ‘bad policy’.

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WASHINGTON: The US Chamber of Commerce said on Saturday that abolishing the expansion of the H-1B visa would be a bad policy and it is adverse to the talent-based immigration system’s goals. Nearly seven lakh Indians will have to return to this plan of US President Donald Trump Administration.

Under the H-1B visa program, talented people of those areas get instant visa of US, which lack talent in the US. This helps companies to hire foreign professionals. But Trump started the initiative to terminate it as soon as it took office last January.

According to the reports, the promise made by Trump to the election campaign is ‘Americans buy, employ US’, the Homeland Security Department is working on making the law.

An industry organization spokesman said, “It would be a very bad policy that people working for years in America and applying for permanent citizenship should be told that they are no longer welcome here. This will harm the US business, economy and the country. This is against talent based immigration system too. ‘