America violence has increased due to Trump supporter’s enrage actions

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Bloody violence has increased in America. The Electoral College was to meet in the US Congress on Thursday. But even before the meeting, President Donald Trump’s supporters created a lot of uproars. The situation deteriorated so much that curfew was imposed in Washington DC. The National Guard has been deployed in Washington DC following a growing uproar in the Capitol Building.

Congress had to postpone its action

According to information from sources, supporters of President Donald Trump entered the Capitol Hill building and started a loud commotion. Seeing the uproar, Congress had to postpone its proceedings. This round also led to violent clashes between police and Trump supporters. The death of a woman in a bullet that broke out amidst the uproar is also news. At the same time, many people have also been injured.

Hillary Clinton said – This is an attack on the foundations of democracy

The uproar in Washington occurred at a time when there was a debate in the US Congress about the Electoral College. Joe Biden’s election victory was to be confirmed at this meeting. At the same time, on the uproar, Hillary Clinton has said that this is an attack on the foundation of democracy.

Facebook and YouTube videos of Trump removed in view of violence in America

In view of the violence in the US Capitol Building, Twitter has suspended President Donald Trump’s Twitter account for 12 hours. After this, Facebook and YouTube also removed a video of US President Donald Trump. In this video, Trump addressed his supporters.

Joe Biden said – This is treason

Biden, who was elected to the presidency in America, has also condemned the incident. He has tweeted that, I call on President Donald Trump to fulfil his oath and protect the Constitution. Also, demand that this siege is abolished. Biden called it treason.

Counting of electoral votes resumed

Counting of Electoral votes, which was stopped due to uproar by Trump supporters in America, has been started once again. After the counting is complete, Democrat Party candidate Joe Biden’s victory will get a constitutional stamp. Let me tell you, Biden will take the oath of office on January 20.

PM Modi expressed grief

PM Modi has expressed grief on American violence. He has said that the democratic process cannot be influenced by illegal protests.

Twitter temporarily banned Trump’s account
Micro-blogging site Twitter has banned President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours on Wednesday in an unexpected move after continuously posting rigging posts in the US presidential election. Twitter warned that if Trump violated the rules in future, his account will be permanently banned. Earlier, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube had removed Trump’s video in which he was appealing to his supporters to ‘go home’ on Wednesday and talk of rigging the presidential election.